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Windows Live Mail Log File


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Today I was trying to troubleshoot an issue with Windows Live Mail connecting to my POP3 mail host server. The details of the problem don’t matter, but I thought I would document where I eventually found the log file.

There is an option in the Menu of Windows Live Mail to enable logging:
- Click on the ‘Tools’ menu
- Click on the ‘Options’ menu item
- Select the ‘Advanced’ tab
- Click the ‘Maintenance’ button
- Click on the ‘Store Folder’ button

The path in the text box that pops up is the folder where the log file will be generated. Make your life easy by copying the path. Cancel the path dialog.

At the bottom of the Maintenance dialog there are several check boxes to select what you want to log. Select whatever you are interested in and then exit the dialogs. Now browse to the folder by pasting the path into the ‘Run’ dialog on the Start Menu of Windows. (You might want to restart Live Mail and retrieve or send mail to make sure that the log file has something to look at first)

When you get into the directory in question the file you are looking for is:

Enjoy looking at it using your favorite text editor (Notepad++ I’m sure!)

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