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B2Evolution 2.1.0 Beta Upgrade


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I just upgraded my b2Evolution blog (this blog) from 2.0.1 Alpha to 2.1.0 Beta. Yes, I am running my blog on Alpha/Beta versions of the software, I like to live on the edge. So far so good. Actually there are a couple user interface issues that are actually probably worse than the Alpha build I was running before, but from the user side (what you are seeing) it was a flawless process.

In case it helps anyone, here is the process I followed.

  • Did a full file and directory comparison of the 2.0.1 Alpha files to the files on my site. I did this to confirm which files I had manually changed. I found only the config files (which are only changed at config time) and my skin’s style.css and _body_footer.inc.php that I had modified. I made note of these to ensure that I merged the changes into the new files after completing the upgrade. This is important, because we are still working with a Alpha / Beta version of the software and the API is still subject to changes. This means that it is better to put the new files in place and then merge your changes, this way you start with something that you know works with the upgraded software.
  • Did a full backup of my site.
  • Did a full backup of the MySQL database.
  • Deleted my entire site under /blogs EXCEPT for the media directory. I did this because this is where (by default) you would be keeping any images that you have in your blog entries.
  • Extracted the files from the 2.1.0 Beta zip file. This creates a /b2evolution directory in the location you specify, but the only files you really need are in the /b2evolution/blogs directory.
  • Copied ALL the files that I had just extracted to my local /b2evolution/blogs directory to the /blogs directory on my site.
  • Browsed to my site http://www.randomsupport.com
  • This triggered the install/upgrade process. It asks for your basic info and MySQL config and then asks if this is a new or upgrade install. I selected upgrade and the process took about 1 second to complete.
    NOTE: In my case the install did not have the correct permissions to update the _basic_config.php file. In this case the setup routine generates and displays the file contents that you can cut and paste into the file manually. This is handled very nicely in that not only does it generate and display what belongs in the file, but also displays good instructions on how to do it.
  • At this point the upgrade is complete unless you have any customization you need to add based on the file compares that you did in the first step.
  • In my case I had to hack the config to add my PHP email configuration hack and modify the style sheet for the NiftyCorners skin to give it fluid width and to modify the footer include file to include Google Analytics code.


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