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Ridiculous Collection Agency Activity


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This is not a technical article or comment in any way. Usually I wouldn’t post something like this, however this is so stupid I need to rant!

A couple weeks ago I got a letter from a collection agency called “American National Recovery Group, Inc.". The letter was signed by Collection Coordinator George Dodd. Before I proceed, let me state that my credit is immaculate. The letter states that I owe the State of Connecticut, Town of New Milford, almost $600 for Personal Property Tax on one of my cars. “Ok, so what?” you say? Well the “Due Date” on this debt that they were contacting me on was 1996! Here we are 12 years after I moved away from CT and suddenly they are trying to collect on this?!?!

Well, apparently when you move away you are supposed to return your plates to their DMV. Did I? I have no @#$*#$^! idea! I do know a couple of things. One, I would have taken care of this bill had I ever received it. And Two, I am incredibly mad that it takes them 12 years to pursue collecting on it. Couldn’t find me??? I had a forwarding order on my mail. My number has never been unlisted. Apparently the original tax was around $150 but the penalties and interest over 11 years result in my owing them $600!

My internet research indicates that this is happening to a ton of people recently (at least for the Town of New Milford) that lived in CT and moved away. Almost everyone says that they never received a bill. Why wait so long to attempt to collect these debts? I’m thinking that the CT economy is hurting so badly that that the towns are desperately trying to collect any additional revenue that they can get. I understand that, however I don’t understand waiting 11 years. It just isn’t fair to the individuals being pursued to wait that long. First of all the debt has roughly quadrupled because of their not pursuing it many years ago, and second, after that long of a time people don’t even remember the details that are required to defend themselved. I, for one, have purged those records.

If everyone paid it certainly would be a windfall, although I’m guessing that it is the collection agency that is really making the money.

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