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Who is this Guy?


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I figured I better put a couple words of introduction here since I just created this blog.

Follow up:

My name is Guy and I live in Arizona. I’m a SysAdmin/Software Developer and I pretty much exclusively deal in the Microsoft technologies although I am slowly working my way into some Linux experience. My degree is in Mechanical Engineering but I became a software developer (intially VB, but now C# too) through an opportunity at work back in 1999. At work I have been doing SysAdmin stuff for the last year and a half, but now I am transitioning the emphasis back to software development. I am lucky in that I get that kind of flexibility at work. I work at a large manufacturing facility that is trying to run with an increasingly small staff. As is probably becoming more and more common, people leave and positions don’t get backfilled. My skills have needed to become more and more broad.

I would like to use this blog to pretty much write about the technical things that I work out or find interesting. It probably won’t be earthshattering stuff, but I’d like to add my findings to the incredible array of information that is already out there. Often I’ll probably write about things that I tried to figure out by Googling, but had a very hard time finding.

I’m thinking that these first several days will show a decent number of postings. There are several things that I would like to document that I have written down elsewhere and would like to share as well as some gripes and whines I’d like to let out. Who knows, maybe people will reply with helpful solutions to the things I plan to gripe about.

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I'm a generalist, at least if I'm honest. In my job I am primarily a developer, but also a sysadmin, and (as little as possible) technical support. I know a little about a lot of things, a lot about some things, and everything about nothing. Here I will post random learnings...


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