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HOWTO: Remove Windows Logon Wallpaper


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Our servers from Dell come in with a really pretty background, well pretty isn’t the right word, but it is nice looking. The problem is when you you make an RDP connection to that server and don’t have an optimal connection. That background wallpaper can make the rendering of the logon page take several minutes. VERY ANNOYING and it only benefits Dell Marketing, so I needed to get rid of it. This procedure, which is VERY simple, should apply to any wallpaper on the logon screen, not just Dell’s.

Remove Windows Server Login Wallpaper:

Open Regedit and modify the following key
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper
Change value from \windows\system32\DELLWALL.BMP to blank, as in nothing, not the word ‘blank’.

That’s it!

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