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HOWTO: Fix B2Evolution EMail


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In general (I’m assuming here) B2Evolution email actually works flawlessly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working for me. I did some Googling (I say that a lot) and found that there are at least a couple of others having the same problem. This is the message I was getting:

Sorry, could not send email.
Possible reason: the PHP mail() function may have been disabled on the server.

I found a forum post on my web hosting provider (CrystalTech) in their PHP forum explaining how to make PHP mail work on their servers. I tried it and it worked. I wanted to post the solution on the B2Evolution forums, but I still have not received my registration so I can’t post yet. Blog it then I say.

The fix as I implemented it was to add 3 lines to the _advanced.php file in the blogs/conf/ directory:

//I'm gonna try to fix the e-mail problem using code from the CrystalTech forums
//I'm interested in how email would work for anyone if these values are not set.
//Perhaps they are normally set in the PHP.ini file?
ini_set("smtp_port","25"); // assuming standard Port 25 for SMTP

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