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B2Evolution 2.3.0 rc1 Upgrade


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I finally got around to upgrading from the Beta version (2.2.0) to 2.3.0 RC1. I followed pretty much the exact same procedure as last time. So far no problems at all.  For my basic procedure see my previous blog entries, but I did add some testing to the process this time.  In the past I was very careful, but I didn’t actually have a dev environment so I was essentially testing in my production environment.

This time, I found a tool that made proper testing pretty easy, even if you are running a Windows system like I am.  I’ll do a quick blog on that separately, but I would highly recommend it’s use for anyone needing a test environment for B2Evolution.  It provides a run-on-demand environment with MySQL, PHP, Perl, and Apache.  Very cool and very low impact install.  Here is the link.

Here are the previous posts for those who might be interested in more details…
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