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B2Evolution 2.0 Upgrade - Part 2 - Modifying blog's skin


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Ok, I think I have my skin fixed, mostly. I didn’t even try to spend the time to rework the miami_blue theme that I had before, that seemed like more work than I wanted to get into right now. My priority was to get a decent existing existing 2.0 skin working. All the included skins are fixed width which I hate. I picked Nifty_Corners to modify and I think I now have it hacked sufficiently to display properly (mostly) on Firefox and IE 7. The only real change was to make the main content section resize with the browser. I can’t stand fixed width layouts! (I said that before, I know.)

I still have a layout problem that maybe someone can help me with. I used the amazing Web Developer add-in for Firefox to help me tweak the nifty corners layout. Unfortunately, I don’t know of an equivalent tool for IE. There is one (that I have noticed) IE layout problem that I have not been able to resolve yet. The posts section of the blog page refuses to round it’s corners. The sidebar and titles look correct, but I can’t seem to identify the problem with the posts section so this blog looks slightly off under an IE7 browser.

Any ideas?!?

Once I get this layout tweaked properly I’ll share it or contribute it to anyone who is interested.

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