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B2Evolution 2.0 Upgrade


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I upgraded to 2.0 tonight. I’ve never been patient and I always want the latest and greatest. You may notice that my blog skin is now sorta messed up. My old skin was NOT fixed width and with the upgrade all the skins are fixed width. Some of my entries don’t look so good so I have some work to do.

Overall the upgrade was painless. No errors occured and I was able to apply the same simple email and memory hacks that I have previously blogged about to make things work. So, what have I learned so far? Two things.

1) I didn’t realize how much I liked the skin that I had used previously. It supported dynamic width of the main content section. I hate fixed width pages! I had hacked the Miami_Blue skin to look just the way I liked it. Hopefully I can do that again in the next couple days. Maybe I’ll post the results to share with others. UPDATE: Part 2

2) B2Evolution 2.0 supports sitemaps right out of the box without an addon, so I had to resubmit my sitemap to google. If you don’t already know (documentation is sparse) the sitemap url is:


Make sure you replace the blog=2 with the blog# that you want to map!

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