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Permalink 11:45:55 pm by guy, Categories: Linux, NAS , Tags: backup, ext3, linux, nas, ntfs, ubuntu, usb
I had an interesting experience with Linux filesystem performace today. I had a USB drive that I was using to backup about 45 gig of data. The drive had previously been formatted NTFS and since Linux recognized it I tried to use it for the backup drive… more »
Permalink 11:32:04 pm by guy, Categories: Linux, NAS , Tags: backup, freenas, linux, nas, ubuntu, xubuntu
I've had a recent goal of getting a NAS up and running to properly backup all the accumulating data our family generates. Pictures, Video, and Windows PC Backups are the primary goal for proper backup. Linux is the obvious solution for my implementatio… more »
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I'm a generalist, at least if I'm honest. In my job I am primarily a developer, but also a sysadmin, and (as little as possible) technical support. I know a little about a lot of things, a lot about some things, and everything about nothing. Here I will post random learnings...


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