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When I bought my new laptop last summer it came with Windows Vista.  This was my first experience with Vista.  One of the first changes that I found was the lack of Outlook Express.  It has been replaced by Windows Mail in Vista.  I don't handle much mai… more »


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I recently discovered the XAMPP Project on SourceForge.  This is a very impressive tool that allows you to quickly and easily install a very nicely packaged environment on a Linux OR Windows machine that includes MySQL, Apache, PHP, and Perl.  The instal… more »
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I finally got around to upgrading from the Beta version (2.2.0) to 2.3.0 RC1. I followed pretty much the exact same procedure as last time. So far no problems at all.  For my basic procedure see my previous blog entries, but I did add some testing to the… more »


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I'm almost embarrased to blog about this. Every admin should know how this works, most think they do, some might, but many don't really! What I am talking about is how the permissions work when you create a shared folder on a Windows based system. For th… more »
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I'm a generalist, at least if I'm honest. In my job I am primarily a developer, but also a sysadmin, and (as little as possible) technical support. I know a little about a lot of things, a lot about some things, and everything about nothing. Here I will post random learnings...


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