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Have you heard of IPCop? Neither had I until 6 months ago. I was looking for a solution (I was thinking internet content filtering software) that I could install on my kid's PCs that would protect them from the "Naughty Sites" that are soooo easy to st… more »


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Sorry no posts recently, the family is back in town. I purchased the domain name. I have migrated this blog to the new domain, so update any links that you might have (all 3 of you! :D). The new domain: more »


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The Oracle database client annoys me. I've been waiting a long time to get this out. I'm already feeling a bit better just starting to type this.When you write an application (for a Windows OS) shouldn't it be an easy task to install the database l… more »


Permalink 01:03:39 am by guy, Categories: B2Evolution, PHP
In general (I'm assuming here) B2Evolution email actually works flawlessly. Unfortunately, it wasn't working for me. I did some Googling (I say that a lot) and found that there are at least a couple of others having the same problem. This is the messa… more »


Permalink 10:03:02 pm by guy, Categories: VMWare
Recently I had a VM on one of our ESX3 servers that I tried to start up. When I tried to start it it just hung. The VM didn't start but options to cycle power, start, restart, or shutdown were unavailable for the VM so I really couldn't do anything. I… more »

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I'm a generalist, at least if I'm honest. In my job I am primarily a developer, but also a sysadmin, and (as little as possible) technical support. I know a little about a lot of things, a lot about some things, and everything about nothing. Here I will post random learnings...


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