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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

Curtis [Visitor]
Hey, thanks for the information!!! I've been dealing with horrible keyboard lag for months!! I'm using a Toshiba laptop, and the exe file that created my problem was PMSpeed.exe
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In response to: HOWTO: Concatenate or Merge PDF Documents

Geoff Wilkie [Visitor]
PDFCreator lets you create and concatenate PDFs. It also lets you print in other formats such as JPEG. That can be handy in Yahoo Groups, for instance, where you get lots more storage space for graphics than other types of files. It's available for free through
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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

James [Visitor]
I have a 3-yr old Dell XPS M1210 laptop, with lag on keystrokes (esp backspace) getting worse over time.

Couldn't find PCMservices.exe using Autoruns, but then disabled Instant Office in Media Direct instead, as suggested in another contribution above and hey-presto! Bug fixed. No battery removal or Mic'soft ACPI-compliant control method battery jigging required.

Of interest, then followed another suggestion above (gotta love this thread...) and found PCMservices.exe through Task Manager, and 'End Processed-ed' it anyway, for good measure.

2 questions: A) any other way to identify how PCMservices.exe is loading (no Cyberlink Powercinema to be found either, as in another suggestion above); and B) any drawback to using Remove Programs to delete Media Direct completely? I don't think I use it at all...

Again, many thanks to all who have taken the time to work out these solutions to a problem that seems to have been going on for years. In the meantime, anyone seen a fix or update from Dell...?


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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

Joshua [Visitor]
Thanks a lot .. This saved a lot of time for me ..
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In response to: HOWTO: Concatenate or Merge PDF Documents

keanu [Visitor]
i very thank you, u save me lot of time, this pdftk is GREAT tool, once again thank you very much :)
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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

Joe D. [Visitor] ·
I had the same problem; Dell leptop keyboard was delayed when typing and often had to hit the same key several times in order to get it to type the letter. I went to the Dell website and updated the Bios. Works fine now :-)
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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

Chester [Visitor]
Thank you all for sharing. I disabled Instant Office and the problem was instantly solved.

I had a Dell XPX M1210 for over 4 years and it worked fine till last week.

Out of the blue my keyboard started to lag something terrible. Tried about a dozen suggested fixes from other forums to no avail but I never suspected Media Direct could be the cause as I had used this app before with no problems.

Dell must have recently updated Media Direct with this buggy feature.

Once again, than you for sharing.
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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

Jay [Visitor]
This is a great fix for lagging problems. However it did not fix my problem with my Inspiron E1705, I had to remove the battery and then suddenly the laptop began to work again!!! Great program though!
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In response to: Finding a decent Pencil Sharpener

Rita [Visitor]
I have one of the originals that bolt down. Still sharpens like a dream!
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In response to: HOWTO: Extend an existing Windows Virtual Disk in VMWare ESX3

Sreeni [Visitor]
Great Document and it worked perfectly

Thank You!
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In response to: Ridiculous Collection Agency Activity

sarah [Visitor]
i too have recieved a letter for Ledyard Ct again the town told me i had to speak to the collection company whos number is disconnected. its for a car i had years ago i moved there from New mexico they would not let me get a lic because i did not have a green card so i left the state because if you dont know the 50 states i dont wanna raise my child there. any ways i have heard many stories like this and think that Ct has a serious issue with thier taxs and we all should speak to the legislators.
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In response to: HOWTO: Implement an IPCOP/Cop+ Dansguardian Bypass Password

stefan [Visitor]
It seems to work, but i can't get the bypass section to appear on my "access denied" page. Maybe something to do with dutch computers?
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In response to: Finding a decent Pencil Sharpener

John [Visitor]
Just been to costco, no APSCO sharpener there anymore I regret.
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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

RAO [Visitor]
I bought Inspiron9300 17'' laptop in 2005 and am in India now. Two years ago, 3 vertical blank bands appeared on the screen. The fault was isolated to the LCD screen. Since it was in Warranty, DELL India promptly sent their rep with a new LCD screen and connecting cable and changed them. Was so thrilled with their after sales service. That turned out not very longlived. About a month ago a blank vertical band of about 4" has come on the right extreme of the screen! However the 4 years warranty has expired in Oct 09. DELL wants me to replace the same items now at a hefty cost!! Is the life of the Screen/connector only 2 years? Any expert can guide me is there any other technical poroblem with the Video card/power supplies etc. which could cause this? Thanks a million.
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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

Mike [Visitor]

Who'd have thought disabling "Instant Office" (now there's an ironic name) would fix this?

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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

JB [Visitor]
a massive thanks to the guy decent enough to share his solution to a mind bending problem!!! this problem has been on my v1700 for a long time should have looked at this thread earlier!!!

many thanks
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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

Giri.. [Visitor]
Thank you very much for ur too faced same prob..i came through this page,then i fallowed the procedure as u told..i unchecked some of auto run applications..then my laptop working properly..

thank u very much ..
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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

Acer [Visitor]
Hey all, I didn't have this exact problem but a similar one. I bought my daughter a Acer laptop so I could get on my computer and it was her birthday. At first it looked like the keyboard wasn't responding. I looked for a lock. No lock except it seemed the keyboard would respond to some functions. I looked for a conflicting process (service) but everything there seemed normal. I rebooted the computer and the password typed find, but after the login the same behavior occurred. Apparently the problem software related and not a hardware issue. I then noticed if I held down a key for about over second and a letter appear. I couldn't find a controls that would slow the keyboard response this long. Rather than reinstall the OS to get around the problem, I decided to create a new profile and viola! I'll try to find the exact problem but for now I'm letting my daughter use a new profile.
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In response to: Dell Laptop Slow / Lagging / Delayed Keyboard Response

Cheap Dell Laptop [Visitor]
I was also facing the same problem as my input was displaying in a gaps of some seconds or soo. It disturbs a lot while working. Thanks a lot for such great tip.

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In response to: Ridiculous Collection Agency Activity

p blancha [Visitor]
I just received my second letter(the first from a George Dodd and the latest from a Charles Anderson) stating I owed taxes on a car my son had owned in Greenwich, CT. I find it interesting that all the towns are in CT. I've called them three times (which I have documented) using the number on the letterhead and got an answering machine. In the letters, they stated that they had tried to contact me "on a number of occasions to no avail." If that were true, I would have the calls on my answering machine. Automated calling machines that charity or political organizations use will usually hang up if there isn't a response immediately, but if they called in person, I should have received the call. This all doesn't seem right to me.

Reading the responses in the forum is helpful and supportive.
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