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With Windows 7 (I'm not sure about Vista) you used to be able to setup AutoLogon/Autologin to work by doing some registry hacks like this:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]"AutoAdminlogon"="1""DefaultUserNa… more »


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Today I was trying to troubleshoot an issue with Windows Live Mail connecting to my POP3 mail host server. The details of the problem don't matter, but I thought I would document where I eventually found the log file. There is an option in the Menu o… more »


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If you restore a database from one SQL instance to another you will often run into the issue where your logins for the restored database are no longer properly mapped to the new SQL Server instance's users. Even if the users exist on the new server they… more »


Permalink 10:43:32 pm by guy, Categories: VMWare, Windows , Tags: hiberfil.sys, w2k8, windows server 2008
I was creating a Windows Server 2008 template installation for our VMWare cluster the other day and noticed that the basic installation, before adding any server roles, seemed to use more disk space than I would have expected. I had never setup a 2008 S… more »


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UPDATE 1/8/2009: The method I originally documented below still works really well, but most people would prefer a GUI version to the command line (me too!). I just found a project on SourceForge that is also totally free and open source that includes a… more »

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